Corporate Structure

Board of Directors

Board of Supervisors

Senior Management

Shareholder's General Meeting

Composition and Responsibilities of the Board of Supervisors

The Board of Supervisors is the supervisory body of the Bank reporting to the general meeting. The Board of Supervisors consisted of 7 members, with Mr. Wei Guobin, Ms. Sun Qixiang, Mr. Liu Guoling, Ms. Lirong, Mr. Cheng Pusheng, Mr. Zhangchun and Ms. Zeng Yufang as members, among whom 3 are external supervisors, 3 are employee representative supervisors, and the other one is shareholder representative supervisor.

Specialized Committees Under the Board of Supervisors

The Supervision Committee and the Nomination Committee are the special committees set up under the Board of Supervisors.

Supervision Committee

The Supervision Committee of the Bank’s Board of Supervisors comprised 4 supervisors, with Mr. Wei Guobin as chairman, and Mr. Liu Guoling, Mr. Cheng Pusheng and Ms. Zeng Yufang as members. The principal responsibilities of the committee include the following: to supervise the Board of Directors in the establishment of prudent business concepts and value propositions and the formulation of development strategies commensurate with actual situations of the Bank, and to carry out supervisory inspections of the Bank’s operational decisions, financial activities, risk management, internal control, etc.

Nomination Committee

The Nomination Committee of the Board of Supervisors of the Bank comprised 4 supervisors, with Ms. Sun Qixiang as the chairperson and Mr. Liu Guoling, Ms. Lirong and Mr. Zhangchun as members. The primary responsibilities of the committee include, among others, rafting procedures and standards on shortlisting candidate supervisors elected by the general meetings and their subsequent appointment, and conducting preliminary review of candidate supervisors elected by the general meetings vis-a-vis their qualifications for office and putting forward corresponding recommendations. Employee supervisors of the Bank are democratically elected or dismissed by employees of the Bank.